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The Birthing Gown is the finishing touch to enhance your birthing experience. Created by a Labor and Delivery nurse, the Birthing Gown is a unique design made of soft fabric to provide the added value of comfort, beauty, coverage and functionality. At the same time, your birthing specialists can still deliver their high quality of care.

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Our Birthing Gown is a wrap-style dress, made of soft jersey material. The stretchy fabric gives you the freedom of movement and the versatility to sit on a birthing ball, squat, and birth.

The Birthing Gown wraps around your beautifully pregnant body and is tied closed with extra long sashes at the empire waist. You’ll never again have to reveal what you don’t want the whole world to see. By simply untying the sash, your doctors and nurses have easy access to your back for pain management. Snaps at the shoulders allow for IV’s, BP’s and breast feeding babies.

In your Birthing Center, let your partners become parents, beautifully.

All of our dresses are designed and produced in the U.S.